Rural EMS operations during an active-shooter incident

What can you do if you don’t expect sufficient law enforcement escort into the ‘warm zone’ to arrive in time?

Free Online Course | 12-Lead EKG

Understand how to approach the analysis of a 12 lead EKG, the basic EKG components, and be able to identify abnormalities in the 12 lead EKG that will lead to a...

Austin EMS: K2 emergencies drop as anti-drug effort takes hold

Medics view K2, which is sometimes dipped in embalming fluid or bug spray, as a kind of poison

First responders recall moment tornado struck ambulance

Two paramedics were driving back from a call when they encountered severe weather

Ambulance hits pothole, stabilizes patient’s rapid heartbeat

During a rough transport, the ambulance hit a large pothole, which stabilized a man’s heart that was reaching 200 bpm

NM fire department to create EMS division

Each of the city's five fire stations has one or two ambulances and is staffed by at least one paramedic and one firefighter/EMT

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