Va. EMT airlifted to hospital after ambulance crash

An ambulance crashed into a guardrail after it blew a tire out, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle

Wash. man credits Apple Watch with saving dad’s life

The feature picked up the hard fall that Bob Burdett sustained and alerted 911, who located him and transported him to a hospital

First responders witness fatal stabbing while performing CPR

Emergency crews heard a struggle in an adjacent room while they were performing CPR on a man who had suffered a heart attack and called the police for assistanc...

4 important considerations for victims of collapsed structures

Rescuers need to anticipate specific medical problems and patient needs as they prepare to encounter patients in a collapsed structure or debris pile

TechFest event looks to the future of translation for text-to-911

There is an increasingly pressing need for PSAPs to be able to translate text-to-911 messages sent in languages other than English

3 tips for firefighter/paramedics working to pass the National Registry Exam

Don’t let this exam end your firefighting career before it starts

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