Detroit fire union blasts 'ignorant' EMS dispatch memo

"Do not automatic dispatch EMS to a fire scene," the memo reads, listing reasons to send a unit

How one EMS agency launched a Peer Support Program

Resiliency training and a CISM program laid a foundation for the Richmond Ambulance Authority to support its providers’ mental health

NY emergency squad at risk of shutting down

The squad is now at a critical point and has had to withdraw money from its savings account to keep operating

Ambulance takes patient to Fla. high school graduation

An ambulance transported Evan Rasmussen from the pediatric intensive-care unit at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children to his high school graduati...

Okla. EMS honors veterans with new ambulance

The ambulance, with the words “So Others May Live” emblazoned on its side, is the newest addition to Muskogee County Emergency Medical Service’s fleet

Mass. hospital considering converting ED to urgent care clinic

In 2009, due to decreasing volume, the department was converted to a satellite facility, limiting the number of beds

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