Stephen R. Sutton

Stephen R. Sutton Corporate Leadership

Director of Clinical Services LA/MS

Bringing 20 years of experience as an emergency services chaplain with him, Mr. Stephen Sutton joined the Pafford EMS/Pafford AirOne team in 2015 as a board-certified flight paramedic and a board-certified critical care paramedic. The company quickly capitalized on his vast clinical leadership experience. He was promoted to lead Pafford EMS’ and Pafford Air One’s commitments to quality, clinical compliance, education, and patient safety. Stephen is also responsible for leading three initiatives: Pafford AirOne Academy, Pafford AirOne Bootcamp, and Pafford’s H.E.E.R.O. program. He has served on the state EMS regulatory board which crafted EMS policy. He served on the State EMS Education Committee, and has extensive experience teaching critical care including cadaver lab instruction.  Stephen Sutton has also assisted in implementing a large communication center, a pediatric/neonatal transport service, and was selected as a subject matter expert in the area of critical care.

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